Sunday, November 4, 2018

Install EPrints on Ubuntu

Here is the procedures to install EPrints 3.3.x on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. EPrints wrote on PERL. Installation requirements are Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Red Hat), MySQL and Apache. Here is the step by step instructions;

1. Become a root user

sudo su

2. Update the Ubuntu

apt update
apt upgrade

3. Install a simple and lightweight text editor 

apt install leafpad

4. Add the EPrints repository to Ubuntu.

Open the sources list file,

leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

Copy and paste the following lines into the bottom of the file,

#EPrints repository
deb ./

Save and close the file.

Add EPrints repository key,

wget -O - | apt-key add -

Update the repository index,

apt update

5. Install EPrints

apt install eprints

The installation process will ask to create Root password for MySQL Database. Enter the new root password and note down it.

6. Apache configuration

Add EPrints site to Apache web server,

a2ensite eprints

Reload Apache server

service apache2 reload

7. Post installation configuration
Login as eprints user,

su eprints

Enter inside EPrints installation folder,

cd /usr/share/eprints3/

Apply the following command to start the configuration,

./bin/epadmin create

Ready to answer the following questions. See the questions and sample answers.

1. Archive ID? eprints

2. Configure vital settings? [yes] ? Press the Enter button

3. Hostname?

4. Webserver Port [80] ? Press the Enter button

5. Alias (enter # when done) [#] ? Press the Enter button

6. Path [/] ?  Press the Enter button

7. HTTPS Hostname [] ? Press the Enter button

8. Administrator Email? Enter the administrator email here.

9. Archive Name [Test Repository] ?  eprints

10. Write these core settings? [yes] ? Press the Enter button

11. Configure database? [yes] ? Press the Enter button

13. Database Name [eprints] ? Press the Enter button

14. Database Password [WUnE0TiC]? You can enter a different password. Note down the password.

15. Database Engine [MyISAM] ? Press the Enter button

16. Write these database settings? [yes]? Press the Enter button

17. Create database "eprints" [yes] ? Press the Enter button

18. Database Superuser Username [root]? Press the Enter button

19. Database Superuser Password? Enter the MySQL Root password. Password will not display here.

20. Create database tables? [yes] ? Press the Enter button

21. Create an initial user? [yes] ? Press the Enter button

22. Enter a username [admin] ? Press the Enter button

23. Select a user type (user|editor|admin) [admin] ? Press the Enter button

24. Enter Password? Enter a password and note down it. We need it while login as admin.

25. Email? Enter an email for the admin user. Press the Enter button

26. Do you want to build the static web pages? [yes]? Press the Enter button

27. Do you want to import the LOC subjects? [yes]? Press the Enter button

28. Do you want to update the apache config files? (you still need to add the 'Include' line) [yes]? Press the Enter button

8. Finishing of post-installation configuration

Exit from EPrints user


Restart Apache server

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

9. Change the Hostname
Open the following file and give the Hostname,

leafpad /etc/hosts

Add the following line,

If your computer inside a network, find the IP and add to the hosts' file.


10. Open EPrints
Open a Web browser and put the following address in the bar,

Log into Eprints by clicking Login link on the home page. Log in using the username admin and apply the password you have enter while the post-installation configuration.

1. Installing EPrints on Debian/Ubuntu